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Let me introduce myself, my name is Jason Kuhns and I have been in the ready-mix concrete industry for over 10 years.  I have spent part of my time in the seat of a ready-mix truck while also serving the industry as a regional sales manager for one of the truck manufactures.  Currently I have taken on the role of trainer and consultant.

Since starting my own endeavor I have developed three unique training programs that are designed to be hands on to be specific to each company.  The programs will train current non driving employees, allowing them to operate during the “all hands” times.  This training will give them an entirely new perspective and understanding from the operator seat of a ready-mix truck, enabling better decision making abilities that directly affect the everyday drivers.  These programs will also train new hire employees and is intended to reduce the initial year learning curve down to 6-8 months.  The training platform is based on 10 categories that will specifically pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of those going through the course.  For new hire operators I will give my professional recommendation to hire or not and explain why.  I have also created an existing driver training program that will cover everything from customer service to maintaining the equipment with the ultimate goal of reducing the ever rising insurance costs.

Once your employees go through my program they will be able to load and operate out of any plant company wide.  These programs are not taught by lecture or by CD, I will train your employees in your equipment hands on, at your specified location.  I will teach your employees how to adjust for the right slump, maintaining equipment, safety and how to handle tough jobsite situations including interaction with the customers.

I also provide consultation that will save you money while increasing productivity.  I will gladly offer my years of insight to help you get the most out of your current fleet of trucks.  My consultative abilities go from truck specification, safety initiatives, driver resolutions and even maximizing your fleet dispatching management.  What you will get is an outside, third party, non bias professional opinion that will improve your productivity while keeping overhead at a minimum.

The hands on, out of classroom approach is what seperates this training from the rest.  Front or rear discharge, all of my training programs and consultative services are specialized to meet your specific needs. Your sucess matters to me, I will do everything I can to help you achieve this goal during these tough times by starting at the core, your ready-mix truck and the operators who run them.  Call me today so we can get started on improving your company’s overall productivity.

Jason Kuhns


JM Training & Consulting